Best Jointer Planer of 2020

A good-quality jointer planer can cost you quite a lot. Yet, it’s a helpful device that:

  • brings plenty of advantages,
  • saves time,
  • leaves more free space in the workshop, etc.

Let’s learn more about the best jointer planer options one may buy in 2020.

The best overall choice

Many independent reviews agree that JET JJP-12 should be your go-to option. This is something you buy if you wish to get the best thing ever. The parallelogram design makes it very convenient and easy. You will have more free space for other equipment. The planer also has an aluminum fence. This extra is going to be very helpful. A user may connect pieces up to 12 inches across. There are two modes and a powerful 3HP motor. The fast changeover adds another advantage. The only drawback this tool has is the iffy cutter head.

In case this model doesn’t seem appealing to you, there are plenty of decent alternatives and affordable solutions.

Alternatives include jointers like:

  • Grizzly G0634Z Planer/ Jointer Combo. It stands out having carbide cutter head, a big enough dust port, and a fast changeover. Besides, this version has an even more powerful motor than the previously-described choice. Here the motor is 5HP. However, mind that it needs more resources, too. Most users agree that the only drawback to this model is the extremely big price tag.
  • Jet JJP 10BTOS 10-Inch Jointer/Planer offers a good cutting width. This model can in the benchtop or floor modes and has oversized knobs for users’ convenience. All in all, the manufacturer is known for delivering high-quality equipment and jointers. This model, in particular, offers great value. However, there is one minor drawback. It takes time to set it up.
  • Rikon Power Tools 25-210H 12-Inch also offers some great features. For instance, the 3HP motor and a small footprint. Another advantage of getting it is in the large cutter head. However, there are some issues you’d better take into account. Before the purchase, you’d better learn about the poor quality control and crude adjustments.

To find yourself the best tool, one should take into account all the advantages and disadvantages of the preferred choices. There are plenty of other aspects to consider, too. For instance, some manufactures offer a 5 or more-year warranty. This is a great addition considering the cost of the tool. So, you should probably find out more about the extras that come with the equipment.

Besides, the choice will greatly depend on the size of your workshop. Smaller places won’t be able to fit in big models. Look for compact options or the ones that are suitable for your place.

Be ready to pay a lot for the best jointer planer but stay reasonable. The most expensive ones aren’t the best by default. Sometimes more affordable options bring more reliable tools and quality.