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Extra-Large Automatic Doors for Large Dogs

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Today, the range of products for dogs is so wide that it is not difficult to provide ideal conditions for the development and life of a pet. However, it is important to consider many criteria and operating conditions when choosing the appropriate products. In our catalog, everything you need can be purchased at competitive prices.

Both miniature cat doors and extra-large automatic dog door and other product categories have been developed by leading brands trusted by dog ​​breeders from different countries. Products are made of absolutely safe and wear-resistant materials, which guarantees the four-legged pet maximum comfort.

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Pet Store is an online store where you can buy everything you need for the comfort and safety of your pet. The catalog presents a wide range of quality products at competitive prices.

If your pet is a full member of your family, you probably try to surround him with maximum care. Therefore, with the onset of cool weather, you need to make sure that the pet does not freeze and catch a cold in the yard. How exactly? Our online store offers to buy doors for dogs and open four-legged friends the opportunity to freely enter the house when they feel the need to warm themselves or have a bite.

Pros of sliding doors for dogs

You, too, will certainly appreciate all the advantages of this simple, but a very convenient device. Now you can safely go about your business and not be distracted every time to let in or let out a pet. And your pet will go out or enter the house through the doors for dogs on his own.

The range of doors for dogs in the online store Pet Store

Our catalog includes a wide variety of models made of durable and wear-resistant material in different sizes. Here you can pick up doors for dogs of any size, as well as equip them with a special tunnel for installation in wide walls.

We offer options for installation at the entrance to the house with additional functions: an indicator of the last pass, several operating modes, protection against drafts. Simpler plastic and metal models are also available for installation in interior aisles.

How to determine the right door size for a dog?

It is very simple. To do this, cut a hole in a piece of cardboard and see if your pet can freely pass through it.

How to choose the type of door for pets?

Specialized doors are available in a variety of options – flap, swing, sliding and even electronic. In general, there are many options, but the principle of their work has remained unchanged. Doors for pets are built so that they can easily be mounted in any material of street doors – steel, wooden, glass, sliding, etc.

  • A soft silicone door is the most common type and the most affordable option, but the main disadvantage is that the owner cannot control the dog’s arrival and departure.
  • Many people prefer sliding doors (or doors for animals with sliding panels), as they can be locked, and in addition, these doors have better energy efficiency and retain heat. Another popular option is the modular door for dogs, as this type of door comes with openings of different sizes.
  • Electronic doors for dogs are activated using a sensor on the dog’s collar. They are considered the safest option, as it prevents unwanted guests from entering the house.

The choice can be very large. Much depends on the size of the dog, breed, place where it lives: an apartment or a house. We have the best solutions from trusted manufacturers.

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