How and Why to Use Joiner Tool?

Very often a joiner tool can be used to make edge-to-edge or perpendicular joints. Let’s get to know more about the tool and its peculiarities.

What is a joiner?

The tool is used to cut slots at the end of the top piece of wood. This wood-working tool has a small circular blade that cuts a crescent-shaped hole. As a rule, a person makes such holes on the opposite pieces and uses them to attach them.

Years ago, this was the most popular technique in the furniture-making industry. Every woodworker used to have such a tool. Nowadays, they are less popular due to other innovations. However, it remains widely used for other projects like cutting slots in the corners.

How to use a joiner?

First of all, you should line up the wood pieces. Make sure the pieces face the same way so that the texture looks even and the curves look down. This way, the wooden object will serve you longer.

The next step is to draw a triangle across the boards. Use a pencil and a liner to make the lines. Mark the joints to know where to put the joiner. You may even add some glue for wood along the pieces to help the process.

Once you insert biscuits into the slots, you can connect them with the corresponding slots on the other wooden piece. Attach them and let them dry.

If you need to make perpendicular joints, you should leave marks six inches apart. This is a great choice for making bookshelves. The marks will indicate where to make the biscuit cuts. Then you attach the pieces on the horizontal board and clamp them together.

These are the basic steps that will give you a general idea of how the instrument should be used. However, it can vary based on what you are making. Get some online tutorials or consult an experienced user to get more information and tips.

Why should you use a joiner?

There are plenty of reasons to use this tool, especially when you make furniture. Modern tools offer plenty of features including a spiral, helical, and other cutting heads. What’s more, it has become an important element of numerous workshops. They use smaller machines that have 4-6 inch cut width. However, there are even bigger options that cut 8-16 inches deep. They are mainly used by industrial workers.

The verdict

A joiner is a useful tool used by many furniture makers. People who work with wood often get it to help them attach elements. Even beginners can learn how to use it fast and effectively. So, if you are searching for a reliable technique, this woodworking tool is likely to become the best choice.

There are plenty of guides, tutorials, and YouTube videos that share step-by-step instructions on how to use the tool and get the best possible results. Study them to learn the basics and get to work with your new tools.