Onion over VPN as a best security option

The necessity of the VPNs for a modern internet user is quite obvious. It is essential to have a safe connection with any public networks and be able to hide your IP address to stay anonymous. Onion over VPN is a combination of Tor connection technologies and services that ordinary VPN applications provide. What Everyone Is Saying About Onion Over Vpns is that it guarantees complete anonymity to the user in pairs with high levels of protection from external internet threats.

How does the Onion over VPN work?

It is vital to learn both parts of the Onion over VPN connection to understand the basics of this anonymity solution better. Virtual private network is an application that allows a user to change or hide his or her internet protocol address (IP). Thus, it helps to ensure the security of the internet connection regardless of the location and networks you are using. VPNs are popular nowadays due to the simple interface and convenient functionality.

The Onion Router is a type of software that can connect any computer with internet anonymously. This application basically uses a number of servers to mask the real identity of the user. Thus, anytime the user enables the Onion Router connection. It encrypts and transfers the information through the network with the help of available servers. The complete infrastructure includes thousands of possible routes for the data flow. You can use this type of connection both for maintaining your anonymity and for getting access to some websites.

Various VPN applications offer Onion over VPN options in the lists of the servers in today. When you use this type of connection, your device connects to the VPN and then to the Tor server.

Why should anyone use Onion over VPN?

Some users that deal with internet activities seek for the complete protection of their personal data and anonymity. Onion over VPN might be a perfect solution in such cases.

Advantages of this type of connection:

  • Data encryption in two layers allows for the complete anonymity and security. Even if the Onion Router connection is compromised, you will be sure that your IP address stays masked due to the VPN.
  • Your internet provider will not be able to determine whether you are using Tor connection or onion websites because of the VPN encryption of the data.
  • You can combine Tor with all the additional features of VPN.

Disadvantages include:

  • Significant reduction of the speed of internet connection due to the increased way the data has to make.
  • You cannot use this type of connection while gaming due to the Ping numbers increase.


Onion over VPN might be the most convenient security and anonymity combination the market of the cybersecurity application can offer today. The level of protection it provides may be excessive for an ordinary user, but it has a demand between advanced ones.