What are the Types of Biscuit Joiner

What are the Types of Biscuit Joiner?

A biscuit joiner is a popular tool among people who make wooden furniture. It allows connecting pieces without extra hustle. Today, we’ll discuss every main kind of a biscuit joiner as well as the most reputable manufacturers.

7 kinds of biscuit sizes

When choosing the right kind of a biscuit joiner, it’s important to define the needed size of the biscuit. There are seven kinds of those including:

  • #H9 that uses a smaller cutter wheel 3 mm wide. It offers only metric parameters that are 38*12*3 mm.
  • #0 is a bigger option that uses standard cutter which is 4 mm or 5/32-inch wide. The biscuit sizes will be the following: 47*15*4 mm or 1-27/32*5/8*19/128 inches.
  • #10 brings biscuits that are 53*19*4 mm or 2-1/8* ¾* 19/128-inch big.
  • #20 is the biggest one that uses one source 2-1/4 inch for length. The biscuits will be 56*23*4 mm or 2-3/8*1*19/128-inch big.

Aside from these, there is also a D-size biscuit for furniture hinge. It has a 13 mm deep groove and can be used on the biscuit joiner with a six depth setting only.

Nowadays, people who make wooden furniture can also get S and S6 variants. The first one is called a slide-in connector. It has the 14.7 mm groove depth and can only be used on biscuit joiners with six depth setting. The latter is 85*30*4 mm big.

Other peculiarities you should know

When you search for the classification of joiners, you can come across different terms. Very often biscuits are called plates.

We’ve also mentioned about Six depth settings biscuit joiner. Let’s define what it is to avoid further confusion. This is a tool that can cut all #00, #10, #20, D, S, and S6 without a blade change.

Popular manufacturers to check out

In case you need to buy one of the biscuit joiners, you should probably look for models made by Makita, Porter-Cable, Lamello, Dewalt, Festool, or Gino. These are the top companies that manufacture high-quality equipment and tools. for example, the top choice you can buy today is Makita PJ7000 Plate Joiner. It comes with plenty of advantages including ergonomic design and increased durability.

Before the purchase, it’s better to look the tool up on the Internet. There are plenty of videos and reviews that will show you every detail and describe possible drawbacks you might want to avoid. This is a great way to pick the most suitable and reliable tool.

Final thoughts

Those who work in the woodworking industry are sure to need such an essential tool as a biscuit joiner. If you are a beginner, you’ll have to do some research and learn more about every joiner type on the market. This is the only way to buy exactly what you need. What’s more, it’s better to take into account that every model is likely to have some disadvantages or drawbacks. Pay attention to them and get something with the drawbacks you can ignore.